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 Things to Do in Egypt

Enjoy the best Things you can do in Egypt 





Visiting Giza Pyramid and Sphinx


Without thinking when you Travel to Egypt you must cover the best site in the world. With you Guide from Let`s Explore Egypt

What should you do in Giza Pyramid as Traveler?

Ride camel

Learn more about the Egyptian history and how ancient Egyptian built the pyramid

Snap some pictures in the panorama area

Discover Sphinx and Take some Lovely Picture with your friends and family  

Get  inside the valley Temple and see the Temple of Mummification

Know More secrets about Pyramids How why we're caring all Huge stones of the pyramid

Visit the solar boat  for King Khufu

Get inside the Great Pyramid of Giza

Do not Buy any Gift from Giza Pyramids , be aware from Vendors in Giza


 Visit the Valley of the Kings



When we were in the schools as young children, we were hearing about the boy king of Egypt ,nice stories about discovering the valley of kings when the leg of horse felt down in hole , when you are in Luxor you will be amazed  inside crypts thousands of years old, you can also ask the Tour guide what are the best Tombs you can get inside it, there are 63 Toms for Kings, the valley of kings consider to be a great museum for Next Life , Luxor was Divided into two parts , East bank and West bank.

Famous tombs in the valley of Kings




Ramesses VII


Ramesses IV


Unnamed son of Ramesses III


Ramesses XI


Sons of Ramesses II


Ramesses IX


Ramesses II




 Hot air balloon in Luxor



Choose Hot Air Balloon ride in the early morning to see t the panoramic view for all the city west bank and east bank

Around 4:00 am you will be ready to fly over to the sky of Luxor, during the sunrise you will see when the Nile River separates the city, Duration of flying around 45 Minutes

It`s a great adventure worth to wake up early to see the Temples of Luxor 

What to wear when you fly?

Warm clothes, the weather will be cold even during the summer time.

Our advice to you Drink tea of any hot drink before you gets out the hotel

4# explore the Egyptian museum

In your guided Tour when you are in Egypt there are more interesting Things you must see inside the museum such as 

Papyrus and lots flower in Museum Garden

Golden Mask for boy king Tut

Mummified animals and bodies

Huge statues for king Ramses the second



Discover Alexandria


Alexandria Founded by Alexander the Great, it has a great reputation about Queen Cleopatra, the city was far away from Cairo 320 Kilometers, the city is located beside the sea,

The famous items you can explore and Enjoying

Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Alexandria National Museum

Fort Qaitbey


Catacombs of Kom el-Shuqqafa

Pompey's Pillar

Montazah Gardens



Luxor as city of Kings



The city is located in the south of Egypt where kings were buried, the city was called Thebes, Luxor is meaning of it by Arabic language is Royal palace when kings were Living, they lived in the east when the sun is raised and they died when the sun is set, Luxor has around 30 % of world monuments.

Valley of Kings

Karnak Temple

Luxor Temple

Temple of Queen hatshpswet

best things you do in Egypt