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 Temple of Philae-Philae temple history-Philae temple quick facts



  • The Philae Temple is located on the island of Philae in the middle of the Nile River in Lake Nasser, and the temple was moved from its place on the island of Philae to its new location on the island of Agilica after the construction of the High Dam. Fearing that the temple would be flooded due to the flooding of the Nile River, and after the flooding of Lake Nasser, a large multinational team in UNESCO, which is Philae and a number of other temples spread on the shores of Lake Nasser, was transferred. The submerged original island can be seen strewn with the steel poles used in the transportation process.


  • In ancient Egyptian times, temple was  the center of the worship of the god Isis, in the third century BC, and the god Isis was considered one of the greatest Egyptian deities, as she was also worshiped by the Romans and Greeks, and a temple was built on the northern side of the Philae Temple by the Emperor Caesar, to sanctify The goddess Isis.
  •  Many churches were built, and the Christian religion spread, the villages of Philae were transformed into Christian villages with a temple of Philae.


  • Although there are many temples and buildings in Philae, the Temple of Isis is the largest and perhaps the most famous, and this temple was built to honor the goddess Isis, and this was the last temple to be built in the classical Egyptian style, but construction work began around 690 BC And the last of the outposts where the goddess was worshiped, the worship of Isis continued until 550 BC.


  • At the gate of Ptolemy the Second, two lions of pink granite stand in front of the first gate, and there are two obelisks made of pink granite, these obelisks are important because the hieroglyphs on the base of the obelisks were compared to the Rosetta Stone, and Hayd played an important role in deciphering the Egyptian alphabet.


  • On the first pylon there are abundant inscriptions of Isis, for example, on the eastern tower of the first gate depicting Dionysus as catching the enemies of Egypt, and there are two scenes, one of Pharaoh presenting his crown to Horus and Nephthus, and the second scene of one of the pharaohs offering incense to Isis and Horus.


  • In the temple of Isis there is the birth house, which is a common feature in the Ptolemaic temples. The birth house in the temple of Isis is depicted, Horus (the son of Isis) as a falcon wearing a double crown, and the wife of Isis carrying the newborn Horus in her arms, here the king performed the rituals of the mother of his son Horus
 temple of Philae

Q:How to get to philae temple ? 

A:The temple is located on island in the Nile river so there is harbor you can take boat to get there and it will cost you 6 USD .The captain take you the temple and he will be waiting until you will visit the temple



Q:What are philae temple opening hours?

A: The temple is open every day from 9:00 am till 4:00 pm .