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Pyramids of sakkara




At Saqqara, the first stone and pyramid structure in history and its name is derived from the coward god "Soccer", the most important thing that distinguishes it rectangular base, as well as a number of mastabas.

* Djoser, the founder of the third family and the most important kings, who is due to the construction of the step pyramid by his engineer Imhotep.

Engineer Imhotep, He is the first to use limestone in construction. you can choose from Cairo Day Tours 

The Step Pyramid, surrounded by an external fence, a brick building, and it contains 14 gates, 13 of which are fake and one is currently used.

Saqqara includes a number of buildings attached to it, such as Pillars hall, it contains 40 columns and who represent the forty regions of Egypt. you Explore Egypt Day Tours 

 Saqqara also contains an open courtyard, which has 4 buildings taking the shape of the letter "D" and who represent the four directions of the universe, In this hall, the king's golden jubilee was celebrated, during which the reign of the king was renewed and restored to his youth again.

sakkara pyramids

Pyramids of sakkara