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    Pyramids of Giza




  • The Pyramids of Giza are located in the north of Egypt on a rocky plateau in the western bank of the Nile; it was built about 25 centuries BC, between 2480 and 2550 BC. And they are royal tombs, each bearing the name of the king who built it and was buried there.
  • The pyramid is one of the biggest puzzles facing humanity since the beginning of civilization; many people thought it was just a luxurious tomb of King Khufu, But this opinion raises the ridicule of many scientists, because The Great Pyramid was built for a much greater, higher purpose, the hierarchical form of the pharaohs was linked to the idea of ​​creating the universe, according to some of their religious writings and texts the pyramid is a means that helps the soul of the deceased to reach the sky with the idol Ra.
  • The construction of the pyramid took nearly 20 years, as the hierarchical structure represents a stage in the development of cemetery architecture in ancient Egypt, where it started with a small hole and then turned into an underground room and then into several rooms topped by a bench, After that, it evolved to take the form of a step pyramid that included the engineer, Imhotep, the Minister of Pharaoh Zoser, Eng. Himyono, the engineer of King Khufu, was able to achieve the ideal form of the pyramid, Where he built the pyramid of Khufu in Giza on an area of ​​13 acres.
  • The ancient Egyptians used a sandy road to build the pyramids, where the pieces of stones are placed on wooden skis under the trunks of round palm trees, which act as wheels, as the height increased, they increased in the sand to the top of the pyramid, then the pyramid is clad with smooth limestone from top to bottom and the sand is gradually removed.
  • * The pyramids area contains 9 pyramids, but the most attractive of them are the three pyramids
  • - The pyramid of Khufu
  • * It is the most controversial and imaginative effects of the world, and the only one of the Seven Wonders of the World remains to date, The largest pyramid, with its original height of 148 meters, remained the highest building completed by man on earth over a period of 3800 years, and it is the largest building ever built by man.
  • - Khafre's Pyramid
  • *It is one of the pyramids of Giza in Egypt. Built by King Khafra, the fourth king of the Fourth Dynasty, the son of King Khufu
  • - The pyramid of Menkaure
  • It is one of the pyramids of Giza in Egypt. Built by Pharaoh Menkaure, the son of King Khafra. Each side has a length of 108.5 meters, a height of 65.5 meters, and now 62 meters after its outer covering fell. so you can choose or customize Cairo Day Tours or Egypt Tour Packages 

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    Pyramids of Giza

Pyramids of Egypt

What are the secrets for building Giza Pyramids?

  • Archaeologists inform us daily with new theories and discoveries about the secrets of building the pyramids of Giza in Egypt, and despite the passage of years of research, excavation and theories, some of which went so far as to claim that the inhabitants of space were the ones who built the pyramids, so far the mystery of their construction engineering, especially the pyramid, has not been revealed. The elder "Khufu", whose secrets have not yet been revealed,


  • The scientific journal ( Nature )published the team’s discoveries in November last year, and said that “the research team discovered a vacuum inside the Great Pyramid of up to 30 meters in size, and that this discovery may lead to uncovering the mystery of the 4,500-year-old pyramid of Khufu

  • The presence of 5 empty rooms above the main room in which the empty Khufu coffin was found is to reduce the loads, and this is not geometrically correct, and it may be the same in the fifth room, but in the rest of the rooms we do not know the reason for its existence


  • This discovery is the most important discoveries of the current century, as the Wadi al-Jarf papyrus speaks of a person called Mirer who was a chief of workers who used to cut stones to build the pyramids and transport them across the Nile in boats



  • Dr zahi  Hawass worked for a long time in the pyramids area and was able to uncover the graves of the workers. The pyramids builders in the nineties of the last century, which refuted the theory of building the pyramids with forced labor, and there was an attempt in 2010 to discover what is behind the main burial chamber, and a robot was introduced to discover the mystery of the secret doors inside the pyramid. Khufu, but the attempt only yielded a door,However, in building the pyramid there remains something hidden and unknown that made the pyramid builders go through extra trouble, in order to build this gigantic majestic edifice, and they deliberately focus on the true north of the globe, in addition to other things that need more details, such as merging it with the dimensions of the Earth.



  • The secret of building the Great Pyramid is represented in very interesting numbers. For example, if you take the height of the Great Pyramid and multiply the number by 43.200, you will get the polar radius of the Earth. If you measure the circumference of the base of the Great Pyramid, accurately, and multiply the result by 43.200, you will get the equatorial circumference to the ground.




  • Experts expect that the ancient Egyptians transported the huge stones through cargo ships that were used to transport building materials, as they were transported by the Nile River, the easiest way at that time, and it is believed that specific waterways were created to reach the materials to the nearest point of the site of the Great Pyramid.


  • The construction of the Great Pyramid continued for about 20 years, explaining that the pyramid of Khufu, although it is not the first on earth or even in Egypt, is unique of its kind, as the way in which the Egyptians built the pyramids changed and it is likely that they used a new type of technology in this task, stressing that it The project differed from any other similar attempt.



  • The manpower is what allowed the ancient Egyptians to build a pyramid using 2.3 million pieces of stone, where the average weight of one stone was about 3 tons, despite the presence of some stones used in building the pyramid weighing more than 60 tons, in addition to that covered the ancient Egyptians The Great Pyramid has about 27 thousand pieces of polished limestone, each of which weighs several tons



  • The Herodotus machine is a device referred to by the Greek writer and historian Herodotus, and it is assumed that this device was the one that allowed the ancient Egyptians to build the pyramids, where the historian says that the ancient people raised the stones by means of a machine made of short wooden boards, then another machine receives it when it reaches the next step, then it goes Through a third machine to the upper segment.


  • Scientists believe that the ancient Egyptians used 5.5 million tons of limestone, 8000 tons of granite - imported from Aswan - and 500 thousand tons of mortar that was used in building the pyramid of Khufu, while the site monitored 3 things that the Egyptians used to complete the construction of the Great Pyramid.



  • There is certain information that King Khufu’s room is surrounded by mysteries and secrets that scientists have confused to solve and which were designed in order to preserve the king’s mummified mummy without rotting and described it in several examples, including if you put a piece of meat inside the king’s room, it will not be affected by any rottenness, but it will only dry up. A cold “shaving mousse” was left for hours and becomes sharp again. Plus, if a plant is placed, it will grow larger than it grows outside the pyramid.



  • According to the opinions of archaeologists and explorers, our ancestors, the Pharaohs, were able to build the Great Pyramid in the middle of the five continents

  • In addition to that, according to the astronomical system, the largest pyramid is located under the largest star in the sky, knowing that the pyramid of Khufu was coated with a material that makes it "illuminate" at night.