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Luxor Temple history - Luxor temple Facts 



Luxor Temple is located on the eastern bank of the Nile River

The Luxor Temple is 65 meters wide and 24 meters high

Luxor Temple was founded 1400 BC

Luxor Temple was built for the worshipers of the goddess Amon

The most important characteristic of the temple is the way of rams

Many kings of Egypt participated in building this temple such as king Ramses the second

Alexander the Great visited the temple and wrote his name in the Holy of Holies

There is one of the obelisks of the temple in France in Place de la Concorde

The obelisk weighs about 280 tons

The obelisk is about 32 square meters

The obelisk dates back to the reign of King

 Ramses II

This obelisk is a gift from Muhammad Ali Pasha to King Louis Philip

The Obelisk of Luxor was transported by ship that departed from the port of Alexandria to France

The temple was designed by the engineer Amenhotob Ibn Hapu

In the Islamic era, the Hajjaj Mosque was built inside the Luxor Temple

In the Christian era, a church was built inside the Holy of Holies

The entrance to the Luxor temple shows the Battle of Kadesh

The Battle of Kadesh was a historical lesson in martial arts

A formal peace treaty was signed in 1258 BC after the Battle of Kadesh

The Egyptian army consists of 20,000 soldiers and 2,000 warships

Ramses II sat on the throne of Egypt at the age of fourteen, His father was King site  the First

The number of children of Ramses II reached 90 sons

Ramses II married more than 40 wives

In the facade there is the Luxor temple Two statues of King Ramses II each weigh 70 tons and are 12 meters high

The temple was frequently robbed and destroyed during the Christian and Islamic period

The Luxor temple was the religious school for the people to present the religious rites of the king and the goddess Amun

Luxor temple