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Egypt Travel Tips



Is it safe to travel to Egypt?




Yes, Historically, Egypt has been a safe and popular destination for travelers, where country's key tourist sights (including the Pyramids of Giza, Aswan, Luxor and the Red Sea) are considered safe.

Egypt's comprehensive travel guidelines are to take special precautions when traveling during holiday festivals and important religious periods





What should you wear when visiting Egypt?




  • Comfortable clothes and shoes are recommended.

  • In Mosques, You can wear scarf on your head.

  • During visiting Giza Pyramids, can wear casual clothes like T-shirts, shorts and blouse.





Is it safe to travel as a solo women?



*Egypt is a fairly conservative country.

*it's safe to ask your tour operator to choose Female tour guide, or choose trusted tour operator.



What about shopping in Egypt?



Souvenirs are brought back as gifts for loved ones to make them feel like they were somewhat part of your experience. Since Egypt is home to many ancient monuments and cultural treasures, souvenirs that showcase the country’s individuality are everywhere. Here is a list of the traditional souvenirs to buy in Egypt such as: Mini pyramids statues, Papyrus scroll, Gold or Silver Cartouche, Traditional hats and many of them.




Currency in Egypt



The Egyptian pound, it is the current base unit of currency for Egypt, Issued by the Egyptian Central Bank and it is indicated by the letter EGY.

*Rate of Egyptian pound is "15" Egyptian more or less for "1" USD dollar.

-Food in Egypt

There are differences in dishes and flavors in Egyptian food by region, although some dishes are revered, whilst meat isn’t particularly common in Egyptian cooking, when they do use meat they will often go for lamb or beef for grilling, and chicken, duck or rabbit for soups, broths and stews.

The Egyptians relied on Koshari and developed it over time and supplied it with many ingredients, which made the dish an essential ingredient in every home.



Tipping "wise"



Tipping is considered in Egypt as a kind of gratitude for the performance of the services provided by some individuals.

*Most of people who are working in tourism depending on tipping like tour guide, driver, tour leader.

-What are plugs I need in Egypt?

You will need to consider a package, to ensure that your personal electrical devices can be used safely while abroad. This usually includes the use of a travel adapter, a device that allows you to simply connect any American electrical device to a foreign electrical socket. It is important to note that it does not convert voltage or frequency.



Sleeper train in Egypt



The Egyptian railways are the easiest way to travel between Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Alexandria, Port Said and Suez. The views from the train can be fascinating, especially along the Nile River between fields and palm trees on the Cairo-Luxor-Aswan and Cairo-Alexandria roads. As often, train trips give your insight into the country.

*Sleeper train is cheap more than the flight, it's around 160$ per one person in DBL Cabin for two ways, and it's around 120$ per one person in SGL Cabin for two ways.

*Sleeper train= 2 nights' accommodation for two way

-What to do in Cairo?

Cairo is the capital of Egypt and the largest and most important city ever, and it has many historical treasures, and the pyramids of Giza come at the forefront of these treasures.

*Though the area is home to a number of museums, one of the best is the Egyptian Antiquities Museum. This museum has more than 100,000 different items, also include some of the historic mosques and other buildings you can visit it.

* You can visit the market khan el Khalili bazaar where you can see the real life of Cairo citizens.

* Also don’t miss a visit the old city of Cairo where you can explore the Coptic area and the seven churches there, the citadel of Saladin to visit the Mosque of Mohamed Ali.




How to get around Egypt?



There are many ways to get around Egypt

    -Train in Egypt: The train is the best way to get around between cities in the Nile area, or further distances. Train tickets are easily accessible both online and from ticket counters and are primarily relatively inexpensive.

    -Metro in Egypt: Some of the bigger cities, such as Cairo, feature widespread metro systems. This is the best way to quickly traverse the city.

    -Bus in Egypt: Many bus lines are also available in or between the cities in Egypt.

*but, the best way to hire a car from travel agency with offered able price


The Ramadan atmosphere in Cairo differs from others in the Islamic world, especially since the recognized Ramadan phenomena and customs, which were printed on the holy month, began in the Fatimid era between the flanks of the historical city of Al-Moez.



buy Local Sim



Buying a SIM card makes it easy for you to communicate with the people of the country internally, as well as to facilitate the Internet connection.



-It's good to drink tap water?



It is believed that you cannot drink tap water because it contains many bacteria, so it is better for you to drink mineral water that you can buy from the supermarkets or coffee shops.



What to pack for your trip?


You can bring the things you will use such as: your Passport, glasses, hat, sun cream, Make sure to pack a multi-use power adapter, sport shoes plus causal clothes and things makes your travel easier.

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