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Egypt in the Holy Bible



In the Holy Bible, Egypt represents prosperity with its abundance of crops; Joseph came to Egypt and brought his father and brothers to save them from the famine. Then Israel and Jude used to refuse to Egypt’s king, Pharaoh, against Babylon. Therefore, Egypt was the symbol of loving the mortal things and the trust in helpless human.

Not only Joseph came to Egypt as a refuge, but also came Abraham. Egypt was the birth-place for the Children of Israel, the people of God then. Moses, their first leader and prophet and his elder brother Aaron, their first High Priest appeared in Egypt to free them out of Egypt and its Pharaoh.

Jeremiah was one of the prophets who visited Egypt and uttered his last prophecies in its land.

Of the Gentiles Christ formed his New People and established His Church. Egypt was a symbol of the Gentiles.

"I called my son out of Egypt" Hos. 11:1.

Son of God found a welcome in the hearts of the Egyptians after going out of Bethlehem to escape the infanticide. Through Hosea, God the Father uttered this prophecy.

“Blessed be Egypt my people” Isiah 19:25., another prophecy about Egypt