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Hey you have Transit and you will stop in Cairo for some hours and you would like to Discover Cairo. Let's Explore Egypt guess that you are thinking to find trip to Cairo attractions, Looking to budget and qualified tour with your friendly Guide who will make your Trip great so, depending on the time you have you can choose if you have 5 hours you can choose Giza Pyramids Tour or more than 5 hours you can choose the Egyptian museum You can choose or customize your tour from us chat with us

Cairo Layover Tour to Giza Pyramids - Sphinx with Camel ride - Bazaar
8 hour layover in Cairo
10 hour layover in Cairo
Cairo Layover Tours to Citadel, Khan and Cave Church
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Frequently Asked Questions 

The answers may be helping our Customers  to check more tours to Know what are More useful for the Travel



Q: What is the distance between Cairo airport and Giza Pyramid ? 



A: The distance between Cairo airport and Giza Pyramids is about 40 Kilometers which is taking 40 Minutes by driving car 



Q: What are the budget  Layover Tours in Cairo?
A: The budget  Layover Tours are 


  • Private Tour To Giza Pyramids, Memphis City, Dahshur And Sakkara Pyramids

  • Cairo Layover Tours To Giza Pyramids Memphis Sakkara Dahshur Pyramids And Bazaar

  • Customizable Layover Tour om Cairo Airport

  • Private Cairo Layover Tour Giza Pyramids and Camel Ride 

  • Private Layover tour to the Egyptian Musum and Giza Pyramids

  • Layover Tour to Giza Pyramids with Quad Bike 


Q: What are places I can visit from 7:00 am till 5:00 pm in Cairo layover tour?


A: Places from 7:00 am till 5:00 pm  are 


  • Memphis

  • Giza pyramids 

  • Sphinx 

  • Khan El khaili Market 

  • Egyptian Museum 

  • Cairo Citadel 

  • City of the Dead

  • camel Ride 

  • Old Cairo 

  • Saqqara (Sakkara)

  • quad Bike 

  • Cairo Tower 

  • felucca on the Nile 


Q:What are the places I can visit from 6: 00pm till 10:00 Pm?


A: Places you can visit visit from 6: 00pm till 10:00 Pm are 


  • sound and Light show 

  • Cairo Dinner cruise

  • khan El khaili Market  





Q:How many places I can visit in Cairo layover tour?


A:You can visit 2 places or 3 places if you will have more than 5 hours till 8 hours but if you will have five hour just only one place.







Q:What are Requirements Transit Visa Egypt?


A: Requirments are 

  • valid passport for 6 Months at Least 

  • proof of the traveler’s travel plans




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