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Cairo tower


From the top of Cairo tower you can enjoy an unforgettable experience in the open air as there is a panorama with telescopes that you can use to see Giza pyramids,  Step pyramid at Saqqara, the citadel, the museum and the whole city.

Cairo tower is located on Gezira Island (Zamalek) close to downtown with the river Nile flowing serenely alongside. It was inaugurated on April 11, 1961, designed by the Egyptian architect Naoum Shebib. It is 187 m tall (50 m taller than the Great Pyramid of Giza). It is designed to imitate a lotus flower, the icon of ancient Egypt; there are 24 windows per level. It was the tallest building in Egypt and North Africa for 50 years and the tallest structure in the whole continent of Africa for 10 years as it was surpassed by Hillbrow tower in South Africa in 1971. It was renovated and reopened in 2009. There are about 2500 till the top but don’t worry as there are 3 elevators as well. Recommended time to visit Cairo tower is at sunset when millions and millions of lights of the huge city come alive. Below the panorama top level there is a cafeteria and a revolving restaurant. Cairo tower opens every day from 9.00 a.m. till 1 a.m. . . .Seeing it from far away at night with different grades lighting it make it look like a mysterious universal symbol.