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What is the tour operator?

The tour operator is not only the person who handle all situations for customers and update the customers always with New updates for their trips

Experience The most important characteristic of this profession is the knowledge of all tourist places and the opening and closing dates the tour operator is distinguished by years of experience that puts him in negative agreement with clients sometimes, so he learns how to solve these problems. Self-development The ability to solve problems He is well aware of the most important factors that achieve successful factors in the labor market

Egypt consists of very many cities and has a varied history of Coptic and Islamic Has the ability to calculate the cost of the trip and add a little profit Customer satisfaction Always contact with customers after the trip to know the extent of their satisfaction with the trip

Always encourage team work Team work training weekly Submit contests and announce who is the winner

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What are the factors for choosing a successful Tour operator in Egypt?

In normal, the journey consists of several parts

Here is the answer

  • Which choose a mentor who is educated and has full experience of Egyptian History?
  • Choose comfortable transportation
  • Complete information about the trip, including dates of visits to places - clothes - and what is the culture of Egypt
  • Inform customers about the famous food in Egypt, as well as the names of famous restaurants in Egypt
  • Customers must be informed of the start and end dates of the trip Continuous follow-up with clients Take care to pay attention to quality How to inform clients about the dates of the interview, often at the hotel Tourist guides are always trained on good appearance and sophisticated treatment with clients
  • Choosing the easiest way to tourist places
  • Always provide the customer with information before starting the journey
  • Ensure that the sign and the company name appear with the customer Form a strong relationship with the tour guide and clients


Egypt Tour operator