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Bahariya Oasis




  • The Bahariya oasis is widely known among the most beautiful tourist areas on the Egyptian lands, as it combines the magic of nature with historical monuments If you want to fly away, all you have to do is head 365 kilometers to the southwest of Giza, where the "Bahariya Oasis" is located in the heart of Egypt's Western Desert.


  • It was known as Bahnasa Oasis
  • Baharia oasis consists of the oases of Al Qasr, Al Hiz, and Mandisha, and the capital city of Bawiti
  • Bahariya Oasis is famous for its Siwi breakfast, where honey and pastry are parched, and overnight in one of the private hotels designed in the Bedouin style
  • On the mountain of the English, in which the British forces lived in 1916 as a camp, and they wrote their memories that still remain until now on
  • The Black Mountains are about 50 km from the city of Al-Bawiti, and it was so named because of the presence of a layer of black powder covering it, and there are volcanic black hills in that area
  • One of the most important features of the Bahariya Oasis is the temple of Alexander the Great, as it is the only temple dedicated to him
  • There is also the Valley of Golden Mummies, which is located near the Farafra Oasis and contains an estimated 10,000 golden mummies.
  • Al-Buwaiti, the capital city, has a special character, as it is characterized by old houses, and the shrine of Sheikh Al-Bawiti, a disciple of Imam Al-Shafi’i, and his love for the oasis land was requested by its people
  • A dinosaur skeleton was found in Bahariya in 1912
  • Old houses, and the shrine of Sheikh Al-Bawiti, a disciple of Imam Al-Shafi’i, and his love for the oasis land was requested by its people.
  • Start an awesome trip in the oasis baharia desert, heading to the springs to wash up. The oasis is consisted of 400 minerals and hot sulfur springs, most imperatively are Bir Hakima, Bir Haifa, Bir Al Matar. There are others springs of Ein El Bishmo that are exclusive in the flow of both cold and hot water Bahariya Oasis is your entrance to memorial Trip where you can enjoy the sense of adventure with Bedouins. The scenery of palm trees and dunes, and the Bedouin folklore will make you happy and you feel the natural paradise of Egypt Bahariya Oasis isn’t only the place only you go for camping or safari; it's the place for the historical sites of Egypt. We are saying this because the archeological sites belong to 26 Th Dynasty. The most Another interesting thing is the largest Ptolemaic necropolis dedicated to the Ibis bird in addition to Golden Mummies which were founded there also British people when they were camping above English mountain



What to see in Baharia ?


  • English mountain in baharia
  • Crystal desert
  • Agbatat desert the white desert 
  • Amazing rocks take the shape of so many different things like; mushrooms chicken & rabbit.





Bahariya Oasis