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In Aswan there are Nubian houses, which are located west of the Nile, in the village of Gharb Suhail, which are built in the Nubian style

Nubian homes are characterized by the charm of nature, the beauty of the location and the place, the simplicity of the environment, and the raising of crocodiles among the tourist places that a visitor to Aswan should not miss are the "High Dam", "Symbol of Friendship", "The Temple of Philae", the Unfinished Obelisk, and Nubian Houses.

Aswan can be enjoyed boat tours of the Nile Islands and the Island of Plants, the Nubia Museum, the Nile Museum, the Elephantine Museum, the temples of Edfu, Kom Ombo and Abu Simbel, the Saluja and Ghazal sanctuary, the Aga Khan Mausoleum, the Fatimid cemeteries, and the Monastery of Anba Simon





Aswan Information | Aswan travel Guide 


  • Aswan is the southern Gate of Egypt

  • It's Near to Sudan

  • Aswan is the city of beauty where the Nile River is running beside the city.

  • Muhammad Ali established the first military school in Egypt in 1837.

  • The meaning of the word Aswan in the ancient Egyptian language, the market it contains many of the finest Egyptian spices.

  • The city is famous for the High Dam and Lake Nasser in modern history

  • Aswan is about 850 km from Cairo

  • One of the best ways to travel to Aswan is sleeper train or flights

  • It is a center for the worship of the goddess Isis

  • It was called the City of Gold

  • It has the largest quarries carving obelisks

  • It has beautiful islands such as Suhail Island and the Nubian Village

  • Nubians live in it with a kind heart

  • The history of the city goes back to the Pharaonic era

  • Aswan is also a center for ivory and elephant trade

  • The most important customs found in Aswan is the Nubian marriage.

  • The city has an area of ​​34 thousand km

  • The Nile River is the way to move between the islands by Motor boats or felucca

  • Aswan landmarks High Dam Nubia Museum Elephantine Island Nasser Lake

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